Thursday, September 3, 2009

SFJFF: Brutus, and Jewish Voice for Peace.

In Shakespeare’s "Julius Caesar” Mark Antony gives the famous "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" funeral oration. In this speech he repeatedly condemns Brutus, but each condemnation is followed by "But Brutus is an honorable man" implying that Brutus' actions are virtuous.

As we all know, the now infamous showing of "Rachel" was cosponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). This organization routinely describes itself as a "supporter of Israel." This is the same distortion used by J Street. The formula is to take the most dangerous positions on Israel, then add "but we are pro-Israel" I refer to this as "the Brutus disclaimer".

The words and actions of JVP show this to be grossly inaccurate. The JVP has been pushing for boycotts, sanctions, divestment, and withdrawal of US aid to Israel. This is a strange form of "support". The JVP regularly delegitimizes, demonizes, and slanders Israel. It makes common cause with Hamas. It provides a platform to avowed anti-Zionists and anti-Semites who wish for annihilation of the Jewish state. It routinely collaborates with the most extreme anti-Israel organizations, including ISM and ANSWER.

By co-sponsoring Rachel with JVP, the film festival is collaborating with Israel haters. It is of interest that selections of persons to serve on the film festival board are not based on knowledge of film or of Jewish culture, but rather whether one has sufficient left wing credentials. Zionists are not allowed.

Funding by the San Francisco and the East Bay Jewish Federations provides the imprimatur of community support. In addition to a waste of our valuable dollars, they are thereby providing respectability and legitimacy.

Anyone who doubts the role of Federation should go to the following website;

Surprised? Shocked? I was. I will have more to say on this. Stay tuned.

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