Monday, July 13, 2009

The ISM: Corrie's Pro-Terror Posse

ISM tools: Hey, these guns are cool! Can we kill some Jews now?

Rachel Corrie, the apple of the SFJFF's eye, was an activist with the International Solidarity Movement. The ISM functions as a kind of Palestinian terror youth auxiliary, working with the likes of Hamas in order to frustrate IDF efforts to keep Israeli citizens safe.

The SFJFF online program refers to Corrie as a "22-year-old American peace activist." This, of course, is a lie. Corrie was not a peace activist, and the ISM is not a peace group. It is a group which supports what it calls "legitimate armed struggle" in order to liberate Palestine from the wicked you-know-whos.

Shown above are several other ISM "peace activists" posing proudly with AK-47s handed to them by their Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade pals. Ah, youthful idealism -- it's a beautiful thing!

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