Monday, July 13, 2009

It's "let's hate on Israel day" at the SFJFF!

The new poster girl for the SF Jewish Film Festival:
Rachel Corrie burns the American flag at a Hamas rally in Gaza

For reasons that are unclear, someone at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival thought it would be a good idea to present a film lionizing terrorist tool Rachel Corrie.

Corrie, as you may recall, was accidentally killed while trying to obstruct IDF operations aimed at stopping the smuggling of weapons and explosives to be used to murder Jews. Not content with merely presenting a film which paints a sympathetic portrait of a young lady who was -- let's not beat around the bush -- an accomplice to terror, the SFJFF decided to add insult to injury by having Cindy Corrie, Rachel's egregious Israel-bashing mother, speak after the screening. It's a two-fer: enjoy defamation of Israel on the big screen and live, in person!

Keep your eyes on this blog as we continue to follow this interesting exercise in Jewish self-abasement.


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  2. It should be worth noting that the SFJFF, while wanting different viewpoints to be expressed, refused to even audition the short film about the Buss 19 Project.

    Buss 19 is the Israeli buss that was blown up by moslem terrorists in Israel several years ago and was touring the US under the sponsorship of a Christian group. Buss 19 was brought to Berkeley for a program that was well attended.

    I suppose the SFJFF didn't want to show the handiwork of Rachel's friends. You think!

  3. Anonymous: good to know. Guess *that* film didn't qualify for the sort of presentation of "the views of the filmmakers and their subjects in what we hope is an atmosphere that encourages free expression and public debate" that the SFJFF pats itself on the back on in their ridiculous statement justifying this outrage.

  4. Let's make a trade...Rachel Corrie at the SFJFF, and we show, say, Obsession at an arab film festival. Surely the SFJFF Board has friends on the arab side to move on this suggestion.....Until then let the sponsors of the SFJFF know that you are boycotting them AND the SFJFF!

  5. Congratulations for putting the SFJFF watch blog together!

    The SFJFF needs to be called by its proper name --- "Death to Israel Film Festival" brought to you by your favorite local sponsors --- Hamas and Hezbollah... and the ISM... and your neighborhood left wing groups eager to see the terrorists kill more Jews.

    The major sponsors now need to look at pulling out given what has happened... Let the SFJFF continue on this pro-terrorist, death march but on its own dime...


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