Monday, July 20, 2009

Action alert!

Here's an alert that's circulating about the Corrie event. Please read it and take action.

The continued support of the Festival by the Jewish Federation could have serious national ramifications (as described below).

The Jewish Federation must not legitimize virulently anti-Israel groups!

San Francisco's leading Jewish community organization should not lend its
name and hard won reputation to the Jewish Film Festival which is legitimizing extremist groups!

The Jewish Festival is co-presenting the “Rachel" propaganda event with two virulently anti-Israelextremist groups, the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). Both organizations unabashedly call for and support divestment from, boycotts of and sanctions directed against Israel.

The JVP routinely demonstrates against AIPAC and Israel and encourages boycotts and isolation of both.

On January 10, 2009 JVP (a co-presenter of the Jewish Festival "Rachel" event) participated in an anti-Israel hate protest in SF
For more pictures of this nasty demonstration see HERE.

On September 25, 2008 the AFSC, (also a co-presenter of the Jewish Festival "Rachel" event), hosted Iranian President Ahmadinejad at a celebratory dinner in NY.

Cindy Corrie (president of the Rachel Corrie Foundation -RCF) has been invited by the Jewish Festival to speak at this propaganda event. Cindy Corrie has been relentless in her smear and de-legitimization campaign against Israel and in her promotion of the pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Cindy Corrie's RCF site hosts posts like Who Will Stop the AIPAC Jews Before it is Too Late?

Unfortunately, the Jewish Federation has not withdrawn its support from the Film Festival despite the fact that Peter Stein, the Festival’s Director, has cavalierly dismissed out of hand all the community complaints, and intends to continue with this troubling propaganda event.

If the Jewish Federation continues its support of the Festival it will not only bear responsibility for the Festival conduct, but it will have lent credibility and legitimacy to the virulently anti-Israel groups that are involved-- JVP, AFSC, ISM, Cindy Corrie's Foundation and the movie itself. This legitimization could have national ramifications as these groups point to the Festival and its co-sponsors as evidence of their "acceptability".

ISM, RCF are unambiguously anti-Israel extremist groups. Why should a mainstream organization like the Jewish Federation be cleaning up their tainted reputations?

Please Take Action Now by:

Contacting the S.F. Jewish Federation [Jim Koshland, President - (, Daniel Sokatch, CEO - ( and Rabbi Doug Kahn - ] and in the East Bay [Rabbi James Brandt CEO- ].

Tell them that:
  • You are appalled to learn that the Jewish Film Festival has become a vehicle for anti-Israel venom and that its propaganda is made possible because of Jewish Federation funds (i.e. your donations).
  • If the Festival proceeds with this event, it will be the Federation, a mainstream organization, that will havesupported the Festival and indirectly legitimize these virulently anti-Israel extremist groups and the promotion of anti-Israel propaganda.
  • You don't want the Jewish Federation--- which you fund--- to support organizations or events that help propagate anti-Israel venom and collaborate with anti-Israel groups and individuals.
  • You will withhold donations to the Federation unless and until it stops its support of the Festival if it proceeds with this irresponsible propaganda event.

Please send a copy (bcc) to

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  1. I do NOT think anti-Israel speakers or anti-Israel films should be presented or shown at the S.F. Film Festival or any Jewish Federation sponsored event.


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