Sunday, July 26, 2009

Video of Dr. Mike Harris at the "Rachel" Screening

If you wish to understand just how low the SF Jewish Film Festival has sunk under the leadership of Peter Stein and the current Executive Board, see this video clip from yesterday (July 25) of Dr. Mike Harris of Voice for Israel at the "Rachel" screening:

The room was completely filled with anti-Semitic and anti-Israel extremists, who booed and yelled during Harris' talk, deriding him viciously every time he showed any support for Israel. In fact, they expressed absolutely no sympathy for the Zionist cause whatsoever.

The screening of this film, co-presented by the extremist groups Jewish Voice for Peace and the American Friends Services Committee (the crowd cheered loudly at their mere mention), is a disgrace that will never be forgotten in this community.

No self-respecting Jew will EVER donate money to the SF Jewish Federation again after seeing this video and understanding what kind of politically-correct, culturally-sensitive crap it stands for. Every Bay Area Zionist must feel ashamed after this repulsive debacle.

Cindy and Mr. Corrie with Arafat.
Yes, why not invite her to speak at a Jewish film festival?


  1. Since there is a "Jewish Voice for Peace", why isn't there a "Muslim Voice for Peace"?

    Apparently a "Muslim Voice for Peace" would be counter-revolutionary, collaborationist.

    The Islamofascist Solidarity Movement is responsible for the death of Saint Pancake - what did the ISM do to dissuade her from running out into traffic?

  2. You can read Dr. Harris's very compassionate and moving talk at

    But do check out the youtube- as the real story is the complete intolerance of the audience


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