Monday, July 20, 2009

Teacher's union chat list msg: Support the SFJFF, Israel supporters disloyal

More friends of the SFJFF speak up! This was posted to a local teachers's union chat list. Thanks to Dusty for passing this along.

By the way, it's good to know that according to the filmmaker, "the festival is bravely holding up." I wonder how Simone Bitton knows this. It would be interesting to know what exactly is the relationship between SFJFF director Peter Stein and this anti-Israel filmmaker.

Emphasis in the message below is mine.

To: Every American proud of our public schools and schooling, proud of our cultural diversity and multi-ethnic democratic governing tradition, and with commitment to free speech and equality of opportunity for all, PLEASE JOIN US.

Protect the film-maker and festival presenters from intolerance and bigotry. Come defend independent media.
This is the link to buy the ticket:

http://fest. film/detail? id=4732

Please support this movie - if the Israeli Consular general is daring to interfere with Americans' free press by trying to get it canceled, we must be there to defend Cindy Corrie and the film-maker and the festival's right to present a film critical of Israel and Israeli policies.

Many Americans rationally or irrationally fond of Israel forget their loyalty is supposed to be to our Constitution, and not to another state which lacks a constitution and refuses to define its geographic borders (for the reason its agenda is to expand until it's driven all Palestinians off the Palestinians' lands, which Israeli leaders have coveted since Israel was just an idea in a small band of zealots' heads a century ago). Americans need to realize we are sending billions of dollars a year to a state that's murdered scores of Americans and gotten away with it, to date. (Google U.S.S. Liberty, for instance.) Why are we sending a single dime to Israel for its massive arsenal when California is gutting public education??? ??

There was a post on my Facebook page. I don't know how many of you in the South Bay are willing to drive up to San Francisco to attend this new film on Rachel Corrie. Cindy Corrie is attending and will be available for Q & A after the film. She needs as much support as she can get. Please read below.

in solidarity
Donna Wallach

Important note from creator of film about Rachel Corrie:

"Dear Friends,

Some troubles in San Francisco, where Rachel Corrie's mother, Cindy, might have to face some hostility on July 25. She is invited for a Q&A session after the screening of my film RACHEL at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. The festival is under heavy pressure from Pro-Israeli lobbies and directly from the Israeli Consulate to cancel the screening and the invitation. Peter Steiner, SFJFF executive director, received hundred of stereotyped hostile mails and phone calls. The festival is bravely holding up, although there is a serious threat on their sources of funding. Of course, none of the censors have seen the film.

Please, publicize the screening to whomever you know in the Bay Area, ask them to book tickets online a.s.a.p. We hope that a large audience will be there to enjoy the film and welcome Cindy.

Simone Bitton"

The film is showing at the Castro Theater in San Francisco at 1:30pm on Saturday 25th July 2009

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  1. What I find fascinating, as I get yet another appeal from Israel bashers to attend this film
    (the latest being from Women in Black)is that they proposed "academic and cultural boycott" of Israel seems to have faded into oblivion. They don't care that the film festival is sponsored in part by the Israeli consulate. They don't care if the producer of "Rachel" is Israeli.
    They care only about filling up the seats.
    Inetersting, no?


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