Thursday, July 23, 2009

"J": Rachel Inferno Gets Even Hotter

The J: ‘Rachel’ inferno gets even hotter for S.F. festival

It sure does: the SFJFF board president resigns, calls for the removal of SFJFF Exec Director Peter Stein mount, coverage spreads world-wide, and donors start getting nervous.

Here's the beginning of the most recent J coverage of the controversy:
If the Academy handed out an Oscar for community turmoil, the Rachel Corrie flap at this year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival would win handily.

Dissension in the local Jewish community continued unabated over the festival’s upcoming screenings of “Rachel,” a film that investigates the death of anti-Israel activist Rachel Corrie, and its invitation to her mother, Cindy Corrie, to speak afterward.

On July 20, festival board president Shana Penn resigned from her post, citing “healthy differences on how to approach sensitive issues,” with five months left on a two-year term.

This came as a pro-Israel speaker was hastily added to the Saturday, July 25 screening in San Francisco and as some sponsors criticized the festival’s program.

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