Monday, July 20, 2009

National head of Israel-bashing Jewish Voice for Peace: SFJFF board member

Jewish Voice for Peace participating in an anti-semitic rally in SF

Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Peter Stein, Executive Director of the SF Jewish Film Festival, has been trying to imply that the relationship between the odious Jewish Voice for Peace, a "co-presenter" of the Corrie propaganda event, and the Film Festival is innocuous. He says that such co-presenters "have no role in programming the films" and simply help promote the films they "co-present".

Odd, then, that Mr. Stein -- who we are sure is trying his very best to honestly communicate exactly the relationship between the SFJFF and local Israel-bashing crazies -- forgot to mention that SFJFF board member Rachel Pfeffer is Interim National Director of Jewish Voice for Peace.

Just an oversight on his part, we're sure.

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  1. Where is Muslim Voice for Peace?

    A "Muslim Voice for Peace" that demonstrates against hamas, against firing rockets from gaza into Israel, against paleswinian childrens TV show indoctrinating children into the joys of martyrdom, jihad?

    Where is "Salaam Now"?

    It's pretty ironic that these "jews" in name only, who bridle against any Jewish religious expression, roll over for Islamist, Islamofascist dogma.


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