Friday, July 24, 2009

Help identify the ISM vandals

Several comments have been left identifying two of the ISM vandals depicted in this post. Please leave comments here if you recognize more of them. If you wish, please email with your contact information so we can arrange for you to testify when this matter makes it to court.

ISMers: don't worry, we've downloaded the video, so don't bother trying to remove it. Just relax and enjoy your film festival! We in the Jewish community are happy to help!

1 comment:

  1. The woman who is interviewed at the end of the video (with the kaffiyeh, long hair and dark skin) is the organizer of the assault against Israeli products at Bay Area Trader Joes:

    Yasmin Qureshy (aka. Yasmeen Fatimah)
    Activist of South Bay Mobilization (SBM)
    43 years old, Pakistani ethnicity
    Day job: NTAP, Info. Tech. and Services Indus.)
    Home: 3132 Silverland Drive, San Jose, CA 95135
    Lives with brother Aaamir Qureshy (SBM leader)


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