Saturday, July 25, 2009

SF Chronicle: "Documentary sparks uproar at Jewish film fest"

Documentary sparks uproar at Jewish film fest

Matthai Kuruvila, Chronicle Staff Writer
Saturday, July 25, 2009

The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival has come under siege after deciding to show a documentary about Rachel Corrie, a Washington state 23-year-old killed in 2003 while trying to prevent an Israeli military bulldozer from demolishing a Palestinian's home.

Whether Corrie naively put herself in harm's way in support of terrorists or was intentionally killed by the Israeli military is the nexus of the controversy.

Compounding the issue, festival organizers invited Corrie's mother, Cindy, to speak after today's showing at the Castro Theatre of the film "Rachel." It is one of 71 films at this year's festival, which includes two films profiling kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

The reaction has been outrage. The festival board's president stepped down from her role, opening-night ceremonies were boycotted by some, and Israel Consul General Akiva Tor said it was a "big mistake to invite Mrs. Corrie."

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Two comments:

1) While Akiva Tor did say it was a mistake to invite Mrs. Corrie, he has been very helpful to the SFJFF, making a public statement supporting the Festival which is being trumpeted by the new head of SFJFF board. To our knowledge, he has not made any public statement condemning the Film Festival for sponsoring the Corrie film, and any claim that the Israeli Consulate has pushed hard to stop the showing of the film is, unfortunately, laughable.

2) The comments section of the Chron article is quite something. Have a look if you've got a strong stomach.

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