Friday, July 24, 2009

Boycott Divestment Sanctions: The SFJFF Connection

The Executive Director and Board of the SFJFF have invited the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Rachel Corrie Foundation (RCF), and International Solidarity Movement (ISM) to participate in the "Rachel" screening on July 25 at the Castro. All of the latter organizations actively support the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement against the state of Israel, and many among them have actively worked to boycott and even physically tamper with Israeli products in Bay Area Trader Joes stores during the last two months. See the local BDS Facebook page, and if you have the stomach for it, see the local sabotage-Trader-Joes website. Finally, see the letter (scroll to bottom) that the local BDS people, supported and aided by SFJFF invitees, sent to Don Bane, President and CEO of Trader Joes.

Judge them by their friends.


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  2. Judge them by their Friends, part 2:

    The headline at Indybay, voice of the radical fringe, both left and right declares:

    "Pro-Apartheid Forces, SF Israeli Consulate Pressure SFJFF to Cancel Showing of "Rachel"

    They go on to sputter:

    "For showing a glimpse of Israel's brutal occupation, Rachel has been targeted by pro-apartheid forces headed by the San Francisco Israeli Consulate, who started a campaign to censor and cancel the film showing; the JFFSF has (so far) stood firm in its decision to screen the film, although a speaker representing a right wing Zionist organization will be allowed to speak before the screening of the movie."

    A quick work to the realted impaired at Indybay: The consulate had NOTHING to do with this. Again. The Consulate is one of the sponsors of the event. This is a grass roots effort.

    And no, San Francisco Voice for Israel is NOT a "right wing" Zionist organization. From their mission statement " We are a broad based coalition of activists from all political perspectives, left to right, Jewish and non-Jewish, with various viewpoints on issues such as settlements and the peace process. We stand for Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, within secure borders, and free from attacks by its neighbors."

  3. Judge them by their Friends, part 3.

    The miscreants from the International Jewish anti-zionist network (yes, the same folks that have tried to disrupt activities within the Jewish community for two years now- because only THEIR voices count) sent out this urgent appeal

    Lets turn out in mass to show our outrage at this latest Zionist attempt at censorship!

    There is a film about Rachel Corrie playing and her mother, Cindy Corrie, who has been very active since her daughter’s death, is coming up to speak. Several Zionist organizations have given the film festival a lot of flack for the screening and are planning to demonstrate and try to shut down the event. The level of disrespect to Rachel’s mother and memory is profound but not surprising.

    (Were we planning on "demonstrating and shutting down the event? No one told ME!!!! Did I miss that particular Zionist Conspiracy meeting? Inquiring minds want to know)

  4. "Zionist Conspiracy" claims That JVP, AFSC, RCF, and the ISM all support the BDS movement in boycotting Israeli prodcuts. Further the poster also claims that members of those organizations have been involved with "tampering" w/ such prodcuts in Trader Joe stores. He also provides links that allegedly back such claims.

    Not only does he provide no evidence for the vandalism charges, the links provided bear no mention of those organizations, nor do the web sites of any of the mentioned groups even mention BDS much less advocate for them.

    The merits of such a boycott aside, the dishonesty of such claims are disgraceful. If one wants to criticize those groups then do so honestly, instead of attempting to score points believing no one will check on your claims.

  5. Grif,

    I stand behind every single word in my statement. All my accusations are supported by irrefutable proof. Follow the links, and read the earlier posts. See the video (linked on this site) before you call me "disgraceful".

    1) All four groups' websites make absolutely clear their support for sanctions against Israel.

    2) The perpetrators in the video are all ISM, including Yasmeen Qureshy and Kate Raphael, the organizers. Google them and see.

    3) Yasmeen and her attack on Trader Joe's was on the agenda of the last meeting of AFSC, July 14. Look it up.

    I challenge you to prove me wrong. The pending Federal indictments shoud convince you...

    Zionist Conspiracy

  6. Also- they are vandalizing products while wearing JVP t-shirts. Two People one future is the JVP logo. Its clearly visible on the groups shirts as they vandalize the products. Was the destruction of private property a JVP sponsored activity? I don't know. Was it promoted by JVP? I don't know. But Its obvious from the video that its being done in JVP's name, with JVP's logo clearly visible.
    Has Jewish Voice for Peace renounced this action? Have they taken steps to distance themself from it? I've seen nothing to indicate this.


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